Can you drive through the Rocky Mountains?

 A tour of the Rocky Mountains should be part of everyone's wishlist. It offers incredible views and landscapes that will mesmerize nature lovers. Going there will feel you are on top of the world. 

The Mountain National Park's 415 square miles of the area surround spectacular protected mountain environments. You can enjoy the various trails that peak up to 12,000 feet. It also has hundreds of miles of hiking trails where you can see wildlife, wildflowers, and unique nature views. 

Is it possible to drive through the Rocky Mountains?

People always ask, can you drive through the Rocky Mountains? The answer is a big Yes! Going to Rocky Mountain is an excellent and relaxing drive. You will have time for many stops to rest and enjoy the fantastic views of the mountains. 

There are also several off-road trails you can drive but make sure you have a 4x4, and it's a rather exciting ride. But make sure you check the park's website to check for road closures before you plan your drive. One of the most famous road to drive on is Trail Ridge Road.

Trail Ridge Road

If your planning to drive through the Rocky Mountains, you have to pass Trail Ridge Road. It's awe-inspiring driving Trail Ridge Road and its like driving on top of the world. 

Driving Trail Ridge Road that passes the Rocky Mountain National Park is an incredible experience. Trail Ridge Road, or Highway 34, offers drivers a scenic view of the alpine forest & Tundra, great mountain views, and local wildlife. 

Driving Trail Ridge Road, known as the highway to the sky, is the United Stae's highest continuous paved road. It has an elevation of 12,183 feet and is one of Colorado's scenic and historic highways. 

Drivers who plan to drive early since other drivers like tour buses and RV's will usually arrive in the afternoon. Starting the drive early means you can have more time to see the scenery and make occasional stops. The campaign will take around two to four hours, depending on the number of visits and the usual vehicle traffic. 

Trail Ridge Road is closed during winter. It also occasionally closes due to weather conditions, so it wise to call before going on a trip. 

History of Trail Ridge Road

Native Americans have used Trail Ridge to travel between their homes in the west to the east, where their hunting grounds are located. It was initially called "Tanenbaum" by the Arapahoe Indians.

When they started building Trail Ridge road, it became a major construction project. Trail Ridge Road completed its construction in 1932 and became the United State's highest continuous road. 

How to Get To Trail Ridge Road

If you plan to Trail Ridge Road, you can start at Estes Park, located on the park's eastern side. If you're starting from the west, you can begin at Grand Lake. 

You will quickly ascend to an elevation of 4,000 feet and above the tree line. You will be awed at the view of jagged peaks and rocks. 

As you continue driving, you will be passing through very popular turnouts such as Medicine Bowe Curve, Forest Canyon Overlook and Many Parks Curve. Take time to stop at each turnout, enjoy the view and take a couple of pictures of the fantastic landscape.

Do not forget to stop at the Alpine Visitor Center, which the halfway mark of the trip. It is located at Fall River Pass and more than 11,700 feet above sea level. The Alpine Visitor Center is the National Park System's highest visitor centre. 

You will see amazing views of the Fall River Valley, Trail ridge, and the Mummy Range from the Alpine Visitor centre. There is also the Trail Ridge Store and Cafe, where visitors can purchase food and gifts. 

The Alpine Visitor Center on Trail Ridge Road also exhibits the unique alpine tundra ecosystem in the park. They also have a restroom and gift shop for the convenience of travellers. 

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