April 2, 2021
Where do the Rocky Mountains begin and end in the United States?
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The rocky mountains are located in the Western part of the North American Continent, with a length of over 3,000. Miles, the Rocky Mountains is the earth's second-longest mountain range. It is the home of several animals species, a fantastic selection of plants, and breathtaking geological features. 

Some people might think that the Rocky Mountain a single continuous system of mountains. The Rocky Mountains is a chain of more than 100 mountain ranges covering Canada to New, Mexico USA. These mountain ranges share the same stretch or area. It begins in British Columbia, Canada, and ends in New Mexico, USA. 

History of Rocky Mountain

It was believed that the Rocky Mountains were formed around 55 to 80 million years ago because of the movements of the tectonic plates of North America. A series of tectonic convergence caused the Rocky Mountains to form. 

Mountain ranges like the Rocky Mountains from when the plates, which are pieces of earth's crust, smash against one another. Observe the hood of the car when it bumps into another car and notices how it buckles upward. The same thing happens to the North American tectonic plates. 

Indigenous peoples of North America lived in The Rocky Mountains …