What states touch the Rocky Mountains?

The Rockies or the Rocky Mountains covers 4,800 kilometres long and 300 or more miles wide. It has around 100 separate mountain ranges divided into four major regions, including the Northern Rockies, Middle Rockies, Colorado Plateau, and the Canadian Rockies. 

The Rocky Mountain stretches into two provinces, two territories and eight states. The Rocky Mountain comprises the Great Divide. 

What states touch the Rocky Mountains

Six states make up the core of the Rocky Moutain states, and they include Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Utah. Although Arizona and New Mexico are often included in the list of "Mountain States,". The eight states have a combined area of around 2,216,426 square kilometres. 

Most of the land in the Rocky Mountain region is government-owned and controlled, explaining the number of national parks with their incredible natural beauty. We manage to collect all this information thanks to Alfred from decking newcastle who visited this beautiful place a while ago.


Arizona is in the Southwestern region and the 6th largest state in the U.S and also considered as part of the mountain states. It has an area of around 295,000 square kilometres. Its highest point is Humphrey's Peak which has an elevation of 3,852 meters. 


Colorado is in the Mountain West region and the 8th largest state in the U.S. it covers a large area of the Southern Rocky Mountains and is part of the mountain states. It has a population of around 5,807,719 in 2020. Mount Elbert, which is the highest peak in Colorado, is about 4,400 meters tall at its highest point. It is also the most towering elevation in the Rocky Mountains and the rocky mountain States. 


Idaho is in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and the 14th largest state in the U.S. The state has an area of 216,400 square kilometres and a population of around 1.7 million. Idaho is part of the mountain states and home to Borah Peak. The highest peak in Idaho, with an estimated height of about 3,861 meters. 


Montana is one of the mountain states and borders Nort and South Dakota. It has an area of around 380,800 square kilometres and the 4th largest U.S. state. Several mountain ranges cover Montana, including Granite Peak, as its highest elevation with 3,900 meters. 


Nevada, which is officially known as the Silver State, is the 7th largest in the U.S. The Shoshone, Washoe and Pauite American Indian tribes were the original inhabitants of Nevada. A large area of Nevada is desert and semi-arid. It is the 19th least populous states, and the majority of people live in Clark County. Boundary Peak, with its 4,007-meter height, is the highest elevation in Nevada. It is also part of the so-called mountain states. 

New Mexico

New Mexico and its capital Santa Fe is located in the Southwestern U.S. and has around 2,000,000. Its economy is based on a vast array of mineral extraction, oil drilling, dryland farming, scientific research and technological development. With a land area of 314,900 square kilometres, New Mexico is the 5th largest state kilometres and shares the Four-corners region with Arizona, Colorado and Utah. New Mexico is also the home of a part of the Navajo Nation and the highest percentage of Hispanics and Latino Americans. New Mexico's highest point is Wheeler Peak, with an estimated height of 4013 meters. 


Utah is the 13th largest state with a population of more than three million. Around two-thirds of the state's population is located in Salt Lake City and Washington County. It has a wide array of industries, including education, government services, information technology & research, transportation and tourism. It is also part of the Rocky Mountain States, with Kings Peak as its highest point with 4,120 meters. 


Wyoming is the United State's 10th largest state and is bordered by Montana, Nebraska, Idaho and South Dakota. Nearly half of Wyoming's land area is covered by the Rocky Mountains, and the other half is the High Plains. It has a population of around 578,759; some of them live in their state capital Cheyenne. Gannett Peak is the state's highest point which has a height of more than 4,200 meters. 

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